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We at the Collin County Republican Party, CollinGOP, are dedicated to preserving freedom, opportunity, and Texas values.. The Republican philosophy is a true reflection of traditional Texas values. It is these values and core Republican principles which will sustain Texas into the future and continue to make our State strong, prosperous and proud.

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All grassroots contributions over $8.25 per month go directly to the Collin GOP efforts in Collin County to keep Collin County Republican Red! In addition to the State benefits, anyone who makes a monthly contribution of $20 or more ($240 annually) will receive the Collin County GOP Supporter Pin as a “Thank you” from us.

The Grassroots Club’s most popular benefit of membership is the fact that all current members are removed from the RPT’s mailing and phone lists. That’s right – as long as you are a current Grassroots Club member, the RPT will not send you any fundraising letters or call you for money. Additional benefits may include a quarterly conference call with RPT Chairman and a other special guests. Only members are invited to participate. Sign up today!

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Meet Our 2016 Presidential Candidates

One of these great leaders will become President in 2016! Be sure to do your research and get out and support your favorite candidate!


Ted Cruz

TX Senator

Rand Paul

KY Senator

Marco Rubio

FL Senator

Carly Fiorina

Former HP CEO

Dr. Ben Carson

Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Mike Huckabee

Former AR Gov.

George Pataki

Former NY Gov.

Rick Santorum

Former PA Sen.

Lindsey Graham

SC Senator

Rick Perry

Former TX Gov.

Jeb Bush

Former FL Gov.

Donald Trump


Bobby Jindal

Governor of Louisiana

Chris Christie

Governor of New Jersey

Scott Walker

Governor of Wisconsin

John Kasich

Governor of Ohio

Photos of Gov. Walker, Gov. Bush, Donald Trump, Gov. Huckabee, Dr. Carson, Ms. Fiorina, Gov. Perry, and Sen. Satorum by: Gage Skidmore. Photo of Gov. Pataki by: Michael Vadon

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