The Republican Party of Texas State Convention will be held:

May 23-25, 2024

Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center – San Antonio, Texas

The RPT State Convention is a larger version of the SD conventions, but with some distinct differences. Delegates and alternate delegates are elected at the various SD Conventions.

Meeting as a whole, delegates to the state convention ratify the Party rules, adopt a Party platform, and elect the State Chairman and State Vice Chairman. In presidential years, they also ratify all delegates and alternates to the national convention as well as the Presidential Electors and elect a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. -Republican Party of Texas

The State convention plays a very important role in Presidential election years. The delegates at the convention will meet in a Congressional district caucus to select delegates for National Committeeman and Committee woman, delegates and alternates to the national convention, and select the all important Presidential Electors.

Here are the responsibilities of the temporary convention committees as outlined:

Credentials: This committee shall hear any contests concerning delegates and alternates which were not filed as challenges and shall recommend the resolution of such contests, plus the temporary roll about which there is no contest, to the SREC. Additionally, this committee shall hear all challenges forwarded to it by the State Officials Committee, plus any challenge under appeal, and shall recommend the resolution thereof to the State Convention. Upon resolution by the State Convention of any challenges under this appeal process, this committee shall recommend the permanent roll to the State Convention.

Organization: This committee shall recommend the temporary organization of the convention to the SREC. The State Chairman shall be the Temporary Chairman of the Biennial State Convention. The officers of each State Convention shall include a registered parliamentarian, appointed by the State Chairman. This committee shall also recommend the permanent organization to the State Convention after the State Convention’s adoption of the permanent roll. The election of a permanent convention chairman shall not be in order until a majority of those delegates elected at county or senatorial district conventions have registered in attendance at the state convention. For the purposes of this section, alternates seated as delegates shall be counted as delegates.

Rules: This committee shall recommend the Supplementary Rules for the Convention to the SREC and may recommend changes in these General Rules to the Permanent Committee on Rules.

Platform and Resolutions: This committee shall conduct the preliminary deliberations for the purpose of making recommendations to the Permanent Committee on Platform and Resolutions.

In Presidential Election years, there is a special committe that is convened at the State Convention:

National Nominations Committee: At the Biennial State Convention in presidential election years, there shall also be a permanent National Nominations Committee composed of one (1) delegate from each Congressional District, to be elected by caucus of the delegates in each such district, plus the chairman thereof, to be appointed by the State Chairman. The Chairman of the permanent National Nominations Committee shall convene the meeting of the committee two (2) hours after the start of the Congressional Caucus with a quorum being present. This committee shall report to the Convention nominations for National Delegates and Alternates, Presidential Electors, and National Committeeman and National Committeewoman (…).

At the time of the convention, the body will vote for and elect permanent members of committees and the Chair for the duration of the convention.

The State Chairman appoints the committee chairmen. The SREC members appoint committee members. Each committee is comprised of the chairman and one member from each senate district. After the convention starts, senate districts will elect their permanent committee members, who will use the temporary committees’ work as a starting point. All committee meetings are open to state convention delegates and alternates, who are encouraged to attend and testify on topics of particular interest to them. -Republican Party of Texas