Lincoln Day VIP Reception & Dinner Tickets

The Lincoln Day Dinner can be a very special date night for you and your significant other. We have couples tickets available for the VIP reception, the dinner, or a combo package so you two can go to both. You can also attend both these events solo. Either way, it’s a special evening to be with your fellow Republican friends and hear a great speaker.

Individual Dinner Ticket

$150a piece
  • Admits 1 Person for Dinner in Open Seating
  • (Does NOT Include VIP Reception)

Individual VIP Ticket

$100a piece
  • Admits 1 Person to the VIP Reception
  • (Does NOT Include Dinner)

Individual Dinner & VIP Ticket

  • Admits 1 Person to VIP Reception
  • Admits 1 Person for Reserved Dinner Seating

Sponsorships do not include the cost of Swag Bag Item

Images provided by Marc Friedland Photography and Images by Zodie

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