Collin County Lincoln Society

Bill Blake, President

Plano, Texas

The Lincoln Society wholeheartedly invites you to our next meeting! Whether you’re new to Collin County, new to politics, or just coming back to the grassroots after a good long rest, we welcomes you with open arms. We were the first co-educational (men and women equally) Republican organization headquartered in Collin County—and, one of the few that meets for lunch.

When & where to come… We generally meet at noon on the second Wednesday of every month, at the Spring Creek Barbeque, 1993 North Central Expressway, in McKinney. Please visit our website for a map and more details:

What to bring… Curiosity, lunch money, and a pen & notepad, if you like. There is no fee to attend. If you like the meeting and the fellowship, you can join at any time for just $25 per year. We’d recommend coming about 20 minutes early, if you’d like to go through the lunch line so you won’t miss anything.

What to expect… The Lincoln Society emphasizes and promotes the conservative principles of personal liberty and economic freedom. We engage speakers who have demonstrated exceptional talent and accomplishment in the pursuit of those values. And, we present timely programs relevant to breaking developments affecting conservatives.

Who to expect… Our membership includes past & present elected officials, party leaders, businesspeople, political professionals, and grassroots volunteers. It also includes those who simply enjoy an engaging conservative message and the fellowship of people who share common values and principles.

Bring your love of freedom, your appetite, and a great big smile. We look forward to breaking bread with you!