The Collin County Republican Party has been a leader for the advancement of Liberty and Prosperity in Collin County. We are currently the strongest and reddest county in Texas and have produced many of Texas’ most active conservative and Republican leaders.

Party Leadership

Meet the Collin County Republican Party Leadership. Every Republican party needs a set of strong leaders to guide and shape the vision that will best serve the people of Collin County.

Precinct Chairs

Lean more about your local Republican member to the Collin County Republican Executive Committee. They are more than likely your neighbor, so call, email, or drop by to meet them and learn how to get involved with the CollinGOP.

House District Chairs

These are the elected captains of the Precinct Chairs for the House Districts in Collin County. They help coordinate events, information, and other Precinct Chair activities.

Elected Officials

Get to know your Collin County Elected Officials. These are the people that represent us at the Local, State, and Federal levels.

Join a Club

Find a club to get involved with because Republican clubs are a great place for people to meet together, discuss issues, meet elected leaders, candidates, and work on issues important to everyone. You’ll make friends in a hurry!


The Republican philosophy is a true reflection of traditional Texas values. It is these values core Republican principles that will sustain Texas into the future and continue to make our State strong, prosperous and proud. Learn more about the Principles of the Collin County Republican Party.


The Bylaws are the foundation of the Collin County Republican Party. They provide the rules for organization and other party related activities.

Standing Rules

The Standing Rules establish the duties of the various offices of the Collin County Republican Party Leadership.