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2018 Collin County General Election Early Voting

Monday, Oct 22, 2018 – Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

Early Voting in Collin County for the November 2018 General Election is easy! Check the times below for each day’s voting hours. Collin County uses Voting Centers, which permit you to vote anywhere they are located in the city of your residence. Check the table below for the various Collin County Voting Locations. If you need any help, get in touch with your Precinct Chair, or call the CollinGOP office.

Early Voting Dates & Times

May 14

7am – 7pm

May 15

7am – 7pm

May 16

7am – 7pm

May 17

7am – 7pm

May 18

7am – 7pm

May 22

Election Day
7am – 7pm

2018 General Election Sample Ballot

In the November 2018 General Election, voters will be choosing from candidates for the Republican, Libertarian, Independent, and Democratic parties. Over the course of 20 years, Republican have lead Texas and Collin County to new heights of freedom, prosperity, and prominence.

Sample Ballot

City Locations

Plano Locations
McKinney Locations
Allen Locations
Frisco Locations

2018 Collin County General Election Early Voting Locations

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