Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0

Collin County’s roots run deep, established by brave and hardy pioneers, visionary leaders, strong men and women of faith and conviction, and even a few scoundrels and outlaws, weaving a rich and storied past that even the explosive urbanization and growth of the last twenty years can’t completely bury. And though the county is rapidly evolving into a diverse and modern mecca for both Texans and not-yet Texans, it remains uniquely historic and unapologetically traditional.

Collin County and its county seat, McKinney, are named after one of the first settlers here: Collin McKinney (1766-1861). A land surveyor, merchant, politician and lay preacher at various times in his life, McKinney was born in New Jersey and had lived in Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas before he moved to northeast Texas in 1830-31, a time when the area was part of Mexico but under an Anglo-American colonization grant.

And today Collin County is the sixth most populous, and still the fastest growing, large county in Texas. But even with all this change, and with more and more people and businesses moving into the county from other parts of Texas and the nation, we still maintain our ties with our roots through the Collin County Historical Commission and other local guardians of our history.

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