Your Republican Collin County Senate District Convention will be held on:

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Plano Collin College Conference Center
2800 E Spring Creek Pkwy Classroom, Plano, TX 75074 – Map
Registration begins at 8 AM • Convention begins at 9 AM

Collin County is split between three different State Senatorial Districts: 2, 8, and 30. These conventions will be the step up from the Precinct Conventions. Republican primary voters, that are nominated in their Precinct Convention, are eligible to attend their Senatorial District Convention. The resolutions that were submitted and passed in the Precinct Convention will be considered in their respective convention for inclusion in their SD’s platform.

NOTE: You must have been selected as a delegate or alternate delegate at the Precinct Conventions to be seated as a delegate or alternate delegate at the SD Convention. The public is allowed and encouraged to attend, but will not be allowed to participate in convention floor activities.

A county convention is held when the county is completely within one state senatorial district. A senatorial district convention is held when the county is divided between two or more state senatorial districts. -Republican Party of Texas

What is the Senate District Convention Process?

The process for the Senate District Convention begins several months before the Primary. The Collin County Republican Executive Committee, consisting of Precinct Chairs in their respective SD, votes to elect a temporary chair for their SD Convention. From there the temporary chair will establish the various temporary committees that are responsible for the functions of the convention.

At the time of the convention, the body will vote for and elect permanent members of committees and the Chair for the duration of the convention.

The various committees will give reports about their process, and resolutions will then be read, considered, and voted on the floor. If a resolution passes, they will be included in the SD convention platform report to then be submitted to the State.

Senate District Convention Committees


This committee determines the eligibility and hears contests of those submitted to be delegates to the convention. They will recommend a Permanent Roll of delegates of the Convention.


This committee determines the rules that will apply to the respective SD convention.

Permanent Organization

The committees that operate before the convention are temporary. This committee will recommend people who will be elected as permanent members of the actual SD convention.


This committee reviews the resolutions that were passed in Precinct Conventions. This committee will condense similar resolutions, hear defense of your resolution, or reject resolutions. Note: Resolutions are still allowed for submission from the SD Convention floor per convention rules.


This committee will deliberate to make nominations to the Permanent Nominations Committee that will determine the delegates that go on to the next convention.