My primary responsibility as Chairman is to lead an organization that works to elect Republicans. Changing demographics, the urbanization of Collin County, and massive out-of-state funding for Democrat candidates are combining to make this increasingly difficult.

In the past, the work of the Collin County Republican Party was done by a few dozen highly dedicated volunteers and Precinct Chairs working separately and in committees. Committees tended to work in “silos” and precinct chairs were our primary source of volunteers for block walking, phone banking, and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

This model has been very successful at maintaining Republican leadership for several decades, but doing what we’ve done in the past will not meet the challenges we now face. We need a stronger CollinGOP. We need hundreds of volunteers. We need to collaborate with grassroots and Republican clubs. We need more capital resources. We need to build a better CollinGOP and this is exactly what we’ve been doing.

Over the last six months we’ve changed our model. We’ve more than doubled the number of volunteers we have actively working on party objectives, from a few dozen to over one hundred. While we continue to do the business of the county party, we are expanding and integrating our capabilities for better communication, cooperation, and collaboration that will provide real value for our volunteers, our donors, our elected officials, and future Republican candidates.

The foundation is a strong organization. We first built a management team consisting of myself and four Vice Chairs. Each of these Vice Chairs has assembled teams of volunteers, as needed, to do the work for which each team is responsible.

Our management team is supported by an administrative team of about dozen volunteers and staff doing the administrative work of the party, along with administrative committees consisting of another two dozen or so volunteers that serve in additional roles to guide and support the party.

With the management team and administrative support in place, we began building teams of volunteers to serve in functional areas lead by the Vice Chairs. Our First Vice Chair works with me to ensure that we maintain the ongoing statutory obligations of the county party. We have responsibilities for the primary elections, precinct conventions, and senate district conventions in March. We have responsibilities for fund raising, TEC and FEC reporting, and many other ministerial duties.

Our Vice Chair of Data Operations leads a team that is collecting, maintaining, and mobilizing data for both get-out-the-vote operations and volunteer / donor relationship management. We are building a data warehouse with tens of thousands of records, consolidated from multiple data sources. We are bringing on a new user interface to simplify access and to facilitate maintenance of this data.

Our Vice Chair of Communications leads a team that promotes the Republican brand, shares Republican principles, and publicizes CollinGOP opportunities and activities. This expanding team is updating our news and information sources, as well as our web site and social media. We are dramatically increasing our visibility in Collin County.

And finally, our Vice Chair of Community Engagement is responsible for getting-out-the-vote for all Republican candidates, up and down the ballot. We are recruiting and training volunteers so that we can mobilize an army of hundreds, to support Republican candidates all over Collin County.
With the help of grassroots partners, we’ve recruited over 160 new deputy voter registrars and over 180 new volunteers. Our efforts continue daily with a list of hundreds of others that have contacted the CollinGOP to see how they can help KEEP TEXAS STRONG and help elect Republicans in 2020.

Between now and the end of the year, we will continue these efforts with a focus on volunteer recruiting. In January and February, we will begin training volunteers with the expectation that they will work for the candidates of their choice in the March primary elections. Then after the primaries, we will ramp up training and G-O-T-V efforts to elect Republicans in the November 2020 election.

We are addressing the challenges we face by building on the foundation of our predecessors and building a robust organization that is meeting these challenges head-on. Collin County is strong because of the Republican principles we support. The Collin County Republican Party intends to keep it that way in 2020 and beyond.