Good evening,

Welcome to the Collin County Republican Party’s 50th Anniversary of our Lincoln Day Dinner. We thank you for being here with us to celebrate and honor Congressman Sam Johnson’s service to Collin County, the State of Texas, and the United States.

When the CollinGOP began our revolution, and took over all county elected offices from the Democrats, we did it with hard work, speaking our principles into all Collin County communities, putting up good candidates, and delivering on our promises.

Those early Republicans created an engine for economic success, founding a college, installing important infrastructure, insisting on quality education, setting reasonable regulations and holding the line against unnecessary taxes, relying on the private business sector and our charities to do what they do best.

Today we reap the benefits of that fifty years of Republican leadership, transforming Collin County into the destination for economic opportunity. In the process, we became essential to Republican success in Texas and nationally, ranking consistently in the top ten state and national counties for net Republican votes.

With success comes great opportunity but also a great danger. The danger is that we become comfortable in our success, believing that all we have to do is “show up” every two years and we will win. The Democrats are targeting Collin County with money, organization, and purpose, and we must not be asleep.

Harkening back to what we did 50 years ago, we know we win if we work hard, speak our principles into all Collin County communities, put up good candidates, and deliver on our promises. But in today’s world, we can do that effectively only if the CollinGOP is able to deliver a clear consistent message to the entire county, 24/7/365.

Many forces are gathering to turn Collin County purple and then blue. Join the fight, join with us, support us!

Thank you,

George B. Flint,

Chairman, CollinGOP