With Early Voting in the Presidential Election starting in two months, the newsletter will present a series of articles on the CollinGOP, the Campaign, and on Voting in Collin County.

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the Republican National Committee raised over $800 million. Many voters assume these funds ‘trickle down’ to the county and state parties, which in some cases is true. In Collin County, this is not the case.

The Collin County Republican Party does not receive any funding from the Republican National Committee, nor does it receive funding from the Republican Party of Texas.

Donations from voters, elected officials and others are what keeps our doors open, helps procure signs, produces our slate cards, etc. While our Lincoln Day fundraiser covers a large portion of our daily operations, donations to our general fund, for signs, or to our Victory effort are the fuel that keeps our political engine going

All politics is local…a phrase you have heard before. There are two things to remember when you give directly to the Collin County Republican Party. Firstly, all funding is spent in Collin County only. Secondly, if you join us as a volunteer, you could have a say in how our funds are spent.

Collin County is a large county, both in population (over 1,000,000 persons), and size (almost 900 square miles). It costs a lot to KEEP TEXAS RED, and to do it we need your help. Thank you.