One of the most common questions asked at Collin County GOP Headquarters is when will mail ballots be distributed to voters. Many voters are concerned after seeing the numerous media articles on the U.S. Postal Service that maybe they will not receive their ballots at all. The following is why they will be mailed out in bulk by the Collin County Elections Department until next week.

There are numerous deadlines that must be met as far as ballots are concerned, including Federal and State regulations. Once the ballot information is submitted by each party, a combined ballot with candidates from all parties is produced, and is reviewed by the various parties to make sure they are accurate. This takes place by early September.

However, the ballots cannot be mailed at this time. Candidates might drop off the ballot for numerous reasons. There could be judicial rulings that change the ballot. That is why printing of the tens of thousands of ballots used in a Presidential Election is held as long as possible.

This year, a judicial ruling reinstated three members of the Green Party on the November ballot late on Tuesday, September 15th The Elections Department had to redo their master ballots for all 239 Collin County Precincts, and this takes time. After all ballots were checked and re-checked to ensure accuracy, the ballots were sent to the printer, and should arrive back at Elections in the next few days. By next week, all mail ballots should be distributed to persons who have filled out ballot applications. As of this writing, over 22,000 persons have requested absentee mail ballots in Collin County.

I’m sure many of you have been wondering why you haven’t as yet received your ballot….I hope the above will help explain the process. Think also of how much money (your tax dollars) the Elections Department saved by not having to mail out ballots, then reprint thousands of ballots and mail them again. That is why the Department waits until around five weeks prior to Election Day before its mass mailing.

Remember when you vote in the Presidential Election, be it by mail or in person, that there is no longer straight ticket voting in Texas. Vote for EVERY Republican on the ballot from the White House to the Courthouse. Liberty is indeed on the Line in November!