Last week, we published on our website the results of a survey conducted of Republican Precinct Chairs of their preferences in the city and school district races in Plano, Frisco, Allen and McKinney, as well as the County-wide race for Collin College Trustee and the Collin College Bond Issue. We have been criticized for breaking our past policy of non-endorsement in “non-partisan” races, for not reporting all of the data, for not having a large enough sample size (thereby making the results statistically unsound), for being “unfair,” and for not including enough people in the polling. Rather than respond to each of these criticisms separately (with the risk that some people might feel I had said one thing in one place and another thing in another place), I felt it appropriate that my response be public.

First, it was intended that every Republican precinct chair​ ​in an affected area have an opportunity to participate. As a result, all​ ​communications pertaining to the survey were run through our e-mail system to all affected precinct chairs. By “affected precinct chairs​​,” I mean that the precinct chairs with Plano addresses received a​ ​survey about Plano matters, with Frisco addresses received a survey about​ ​Frisco matters, etc. Of importance is that every Republican Precinct Chair​ ​​in the entire county received, I believe, a survey on the Collin College​ ​matters.​​ The e-mail addresses used were those we use for normal Precinct​ ​Chair communications, including the announcements about Executive Committee​ ​meetings.

Second, this was not “sprung on” the precinct chairs. It​ ​was announced ​via email on March 1 and again on March 27 advising everyone to be on the lookout for​ ​the survey, there was the survey e-mail, and then there was a follow-up​ ​e-mail reminding people to complete the survey before the deadline.​ ​According to our email system, large majorities of these e-mails were opened and,​ ​of those, ​many followed the link to complete the survey. I cannot and​ ​will not speak for those who did not open their e-mails from us. I cannot​ ​and will not speak for those who opened their e-mails but chose not to​ ​participate in the survey, for whatever reason. We told the precinct chairs​ ​in our e-mails that we would report the results on our website, and we have​ ​done so.

Third, this is not an endorsement of any candidate or​ ​position by me or by the CollinGOP. It is a statement of preferences made​ ​by our precinct chairs who participated in the survey, who are Republicans​ ​who care enough to be involved directly in the Collin County Republican​ ​Party.

Fourth, this is not a report about the opinions of all of​ ​the Collin County Precinct Chairs. It is a report of the opinions of only​ ​those precinct chairs who participated in the survey. On our website are​ ​the particular statistics with respect to each person and response, and a​ ​reasonable person can decide for themselves whether the sample responding is​ ​”adequate.” In this regard, we do not have the capacity or the money to​ ​conduct a​ ​statistically valid survey of the “community.” What we did was a​ ​simple survey limited to our precinct chairs.

So, for those who have asked that website be “turned off” or​ ​that the “results be retracted” or that I “issue an apology,” the answer is​ ​a simple “no.” In my opinion, the survey was fair, the survey was conducted​ ​fairly, and the results are the results.