One of my favorite songs has a chorus which begins “I am proud to be an American ….”

As I listened to Donald Trump last night, I heard a person who is who sees a vision for America and its citizens where people have opportunity to grow, learn, develop, and prosper in freedom, happiness, and wealth. I see a person who not just sees America as it is, but even more as it could be. I see a person who knows that America’s solutions are not in the Washington think tanks or in the universities or political centers, but in the people.

Donald Trump’s speech was about releasing us to do what we do best … help our neighbors, raise up our children, become educated and productive, and live mightily and wisely … free of the shackles of government and free to exercise common sense in ways which encourage excellence.

Donald Trump’s speech was about why conservative programs and policies are successful and why liberal programs and policies are not.

Today, as we go about our affairs, let’s remind ourselves that we are the people who should, can, and will raise up all Americans to new heights, not because of our government and institutions, but because we are Americans. Donald Trump not only thinks we can do it, he knows in his heart we can do it. Let’s join with our President in this great enterprise – called America.