Reelect Jodie Laubenberg HD89 Collin County

Hi, I’m State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, and I am asking for your vote!

For the past 12 years I have had the honor of representing District 89 in the Texas House. My priority has been to represent my constituents fairly and respectfully. Since my first election, I ran as a strong conservative supporting a philosophy that less government empowers the individual. I have stayed true to my conservative philosophy. I am both fiscally and socially conservative, authoring landmark legislation to protect women and the pre-born.

My priority has been to represent my constituents fairly and respectfully and to continue to shrink government to empower individual Texans.

My voting record has consistently supported policies that have kept Texas leading the nation in job creation (good well-paying career jobs). The result is that Texas is now home to the largest number of Fortune 1000 companies and second for Fortune 500 corporations.

I have authored and co-authored legislation to help fund our infrastructure needs for roads and water resources. I am committed to ensuring that our education system is top ranked and meets the demands of our growing economy.

Being an effective legislator requires time and dedication to understanding what makes Texas the place where everyone wants to live.

While no place is perfect Texas comes pretty close! I will continue to work for my district and all Texans to promote individual liberty and conservative values. I’m asking for your vote to allow me to help keep Texas strong!

Collin County Leaders endorse Rep. Jodie Laubenberg:

“For over a decade, Jodie Laubenberg has been my partner in fighting for lower taxes, limited government, and defending our principles of faith and family. She’s a great friend and an effective representative for the interests of Collin County and House District 89.”
Senator Ken Paxton
GOP Nominee for Attorney General

“Honest, ethical and with a keen understanding of the community she represents, there is no Representative that works harder than Jodie Laubenberg. If you value a leader who will stand tall for the principles of your family, I urge you to re-elect Jodie to the Texas House.”
Hon. Florence Shapiro,
Former Texas State Senator

“I am grateful that we have a legislator like Jodie Laubenberg, who works with us and supports legislation such as Jessica’s Law to keep dangerous criminals behind bars.  Jodie is a friend of law enforcement and she deserves our full support.”
Hon. Greg Willis,
Collin County District Attorney

“Whether the issue is ensuring a long term water supply for Collin County, supporting fiscally sound policy to fund roads and highways, or opposing new tax burdens on our residents, Jodie Laubenberg can be counted on to fight for District 89 and Collin County.  I am proud to endorse Jodie in her re-election for state representative.”
Hon. Keith Self,
Collin County Judge

“Jodie Laubenberg possesses the character, vision and political skills we need in our leaders. I enjoy working side by side with Jodie on behalf of our shared constituents, and am impressed with her tenacity in fighting for the interests of Collin County residents and taxpayers.  Jodie has earned the support of District 89 residents.”
Hon. Cheryl Williams,
Collin County Commissioner

“Due to changes from redistricting, portions of our city are now represented by Jodie Laubenberg.  Jodie has long been involved in our community, participating in our local celebration events, attending sports games and generally being a part of our city.  She has worked incredibly hard to serve as an advocate for our interests as well as be available to our citizens and elected officials.  I am proud to offer my endorsement to Jodie for her re-election to the state house.”
Hon. Steve Terrell,
Mayor, City of Allen

“Jodie Laubenberg is a great friend to Wylie, Texas.  When Wylie needs their voice heard in Austin, we can count on Jodie to be there for us.  Jodie is a part of Wylie, with her unending support and dedication to the city, the school district, the local businesses and organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and the Christian Care Center.  Jodie is in touch with the needs and concerns of all her constituents, from our youth up to our senior citizens.  I am very proud to endorse my friend, Jodie Laubenberg.”
Hon. Eric Hogue,
Mayor, City of Wylie

“Jodie Laubenberg works hard for this district, going to great lengths to keep us updated on what is impacting our district in Austin. We are fortunate to have her representing us here in Murphy, and in Collin County.  I urge the voters in District 89 to keep Jodie representing us in Austin.”
Hon. Betty Spraggins,
City Councilwoman, City of Murphy

“Jodie Laubenberg is not only a long time resident of Parker, she’s a trusted effective voice for our community and region.  As our area continues to see tremendous growth, it is refreshing to have a public servant like Jodie working with us to address the unique needs of our cities. District 89 can depend on Jodie Laubenberg for effective leadership.”
Hon. Z Marshall,
Mayor, City of Parker

“When Lucas needed legislation that enables us to support our local fire department, Jodie Laubenberg stepped up and got the job done, steering this bill from the earliest stages until it was signed into law by the Governor.  When Lucas needs her attention, she never lets us down. I’m pleased to endorse Jodie Laubenberg for State Representative.”
Hon. Rebecca Mark,
Mayor of Lucas

“Lucas is a growing community facing all of the challenges and opportunities associated with growth.  Jodie Laubenberg has partnered with the Lucas community serving as our voice in Austin on a wide range of issues.  I appreciate her service, attentiveness, and her responsiveness.  I am honored to support Jodie as our state representative.”
Hon. Wayne Millsap,
City Councilman, City of Lucas

“As Mayor Pro-Tem of Fairview, I am pleased that State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg has been such adependable, accessible public servant for our citizens.  Fairview has a friend in JodieLaubenberg, and I am proud to support her re-election.”
Hon. Henry Lessner,
Mayor Pro-Tem, Fairview

“Jodie has been responsive and engaged with her constituents at the community level and works to ensure our concerns are carried to Austin. Jodie regularly seeks input on education legislation, calling to gain deeper insight on key issues as they are debated.”
Hon. Barbara Goss,
Trustee, Wylie ISD

“I have known Jodie Laubenberg for many years and she has been a staunch advocate for higher education in our communities.  As Collin College has grown, Jodie has been there to help us provide more educational opportunities for our citizens, specifically supporting our nationally ranked nursing program. Jodie is a strong conservative voice who represents Collin County tirelessly and effectively.”
Dr. Bob Collins,
Collin County Civic, Business and Republican Leader,
Collin College Founding Member and Trustee

“Jodie has been a vigorous and effective advocate in Austin to expand water supply and, in local communities, to better use the water we now have.  During my almost nine years of past service on the Plano City Council, and in my current role on the board of the North Texas Municipal Water District, I have always known Jodie to be very much in touch and highly responsive to local citizen suggestions about water needs and other quality of life issues so important to maintaining excellence in our communities.”
Hon. Shep Stahel,
Board Member, North Texas Municipal Water District

“It’s a breath of fresh air to have Jodie Laubenberg as our State Representative. She understands our issues, listens to our concerns, and is heartily engaged in the Wylie community.   She’s a model public servant who has earned our full support.”
Anita Collins,
Past Chair, Collin College Foundation

“When the North Texas Municipal Water District needed help dealing with the record breaking drought, Jodie Laubenberg stepped up and led the way in planning for new water resources.  She understands that a more reliable water supply is key to protecting our economy.  I highly encourage you to join me in supporting Jodie Laubenberg.”
Jerry Yancey
Board Member, North Texas Municipal Water District

“I have supported Jodie since her very first race.  Public service hasn’t changed Jodie Laubenberg, and she has never forgotten that she is a public servant.   Jodie Laubenberg serves as an example of how elected officials should conduct themselves.”
Hon. Red Byboth,
Businessman, Former Mayor Pro-Tem, Wylie

“As a Texan and resident of Allen, I’m pleased to endorse Jodie Laubenberg as my own State Representative.  A respected, effective conservative, Jodie is the author of the landmark pro-life bill signed into law by the Governor. Wendy Davis and other liberals tried to defeat that legislation, yet Jodie stood firm to preserve the lives of the unborn children.  Time and time again, Jodie has proven that she is a principled fighter who won’t back down in the fight for our conservative values.”
Kelly Shackelford, 
President, Liberty Institute*

*title used for identification purposes only

“As a local businessman, I appreciate Jodie Laubenberg’s strong support for less government, lower taxes and a strong economy built on entrepreneurship.  Jodie is a dependable voice for the needs of our community.  I encourage my fellow citizens here in Wylie to support her.”
Greg Lutz,
Wylie Business Leader

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