The current Chairman, Steve Munisteri, announced that he would be stepping down from the position because he is taking a leadership position on the team of Rand Paul as a Senior Adviser.

Today I informed the SREC that I will be stepping down on March 7th. I have done so, in part, in order to accept the position of Senior Advisor to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Senator Paul shares my vision of promoting the conservative values of individual freedom, limited government, a strong national defense, and defense of the Constitution in each and every community in our country.

On Monday, January 26, the Collin and Denton Republican Parties hosted a joint candidate forum for those who are running for the Republican Party of Texas Chairman position. The forum was that of a conversation with the men who hope to fill the position.

Those running for the position are:

  • RPT Treasurer Tom Mechler
  • National Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong (current)
  • Dallas County GOP Chair Wade Emmert (current)
  • Harris County GOP Chair Jared Woodfill (former)

Below are the some topics discussed at the RPT Chairman Forum and tweeted statements from each candidate.

1) Fundraising for the Republican Party of Texas

2) The time commitment that you can give to the Republican Party of Texas in the Chair position

3) Working with the various groups within the Republican Party of Texas

4) Chairing the world’s largest political convention fairly and time effectively. How would you run/improve the Platform process at the convention?

Be sure to check out our Twitter wall for other statements from the candidates about the other topics discussed.