Scott Turner for Speaker of the House

We at the Collin County Republican Party Executive Committee passed a resolution on Monday night that states our general support for Scott Tuner for Speaker of the House in Texas. We are proud to support any Republican Speaker of the Texas House, but Scott Turner is one of Collin County’s own Representatives and would like to cheer on a favorite son of ours.

The Resolution reads as follows:

Whereas Representative Scott Turner was born and raised in Collin County and is a 4th generation Texan;

Whereas Representative Scott Turner, since his election to the Texas House of Representatives in 2012 has fought for government transparency and efficiency, fought for tax relief for hard working Texans and small business owners, supports pro-life, and supports school choice;

Whereas Representative Scott Turner is recognized by GOPAC as one of Texas’ emerging leaders, is recognized as a top rated conservative by Texas Eagle Forum, has a 100% rating with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and has an “A” rating by the NRA;

Whereas Representative Scott Turner has announced his intention to run for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives when it convenes in January, 2015;

Whereas the Executive Committee of the Collin County Republican Party is proud of Scott Turner and believes him worthy of such an honor and capable of such a responsibility;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Executive Committee of Collin County Republican Party hereby supports its favorite son, Scott Turner, for Speaker of the House.



Learn more about Rep. Scott Tuner on his website, on his Facebook, on his Twitter, or on our Collin County Elected Officials page.