Collin County is being recognized around the state, nationally, and even internationally for its accomplishments. We were contacted by local media outlets, the New York Times, the BBC and a French news organization for comments. We’ve been recognized by the RPT and publications like the Cook Political Report. Most thought we would suffer losses in this election cycle. THEY WERE WRONG!

The credit goes to our outstanding CollinGOP team, our Republican clubs, particularly our TFRW clubs, grassroots clubs, and brand new groups like Frisco Conservatives. My sincere appreciation goes out to everyone. Every hour of service and every dollar donated combined to keep Collin County red. At the risk of missing someone, I do want to recognize people who put their lives on hold to help.

At the top of the list is CollinGOP’s leadership team, our Victory team lead by Kathy Ward and Sen. Angela Paxton, and our Victory Director, Brittany Branard who lead an outstanding group of paid staff. Brittany work around the clock for weeks. Her team combined with over 300 CollinGOP volunteers knock on over 65,000 doors and made over 145,000 calls. The last weekend before the election, our CollinGOP team knocked on more doors in Collin County than everyone else in Texas … not just more than any other county in Texas, but more than every other county in Texas COMBINED.

As he has done for years, Fred Nasseri worked tirelessly putting out signs. This year, he was joined by others. Rosemarie Meintel spent day after day at headquarters as our Volunteer Coordinator. Among other things, she help organize volunteers that deployed signs at polling places during early voting and on Election Day. Rich Secord and Patrick Devine joined in to build, sort, and distribute yard signs to dozens of other volunteers who put out (and retrieve) over 4,900 signs at polling places.

Chris Bingham, who manages our digital marketing efforts including website, email, and social media, spent countless hours to get our message out on Facebook and across the internet. He lead efforts to run ads, analyze results, and advise the Victory team on how to best utilize digital marketing resources. We also brought on the great skills of Corley Randolph to help produce some amazing videos about the campaign and issues of the CollinGOP.

Quick Facts

  • 300+ CollinGOP Volunteers

  • 65,000+ Doors Knocked

  • 145,000+ Calls Made

  • 4,900+ Signs Distributed

We had numerous volunteers at headquarters every day. They asked everyone who came in if they knew their down ballot candidates, and then helped those that did not know so they could take signs for their state representative or our great District judges.

Speaking of judges, Michelle O’Neal served on our Victory team to coordinate with the judges and lead efforts that resulted an keeping every Collin County position in the hands of Republican judges. Byron Henry and Laura Roach joined this effort to put together our biggest Victory fund raiser at Byron’s home.

The SREC Election Integrity committee and the RPT initiated efforts to deploy poll watchers at the polling places. This effort largely fell to Maggie Whitt, our SREC Committee Woman, who conducted training and worked with Rosemarie and our data team to deploy poll watchers around the county. I don’t know how many people volunteered for this effort, but we generated roughly 300 appointments for the positions.

There were individual efforts like Scott Grigg who took a week of vacation so he could spend 60 plus hours poll greeting. Brian Fletcher who answered every call for data and analysis as voting progressed. People like Keila and Anthony Nichols, Dana Palmer, Stefanie and Jared Elad, Sue Reeves, Sandy Halsey, Dennis Botkin, John and Denise Stufflebeam, and countless others who devoted countless hours to block walking, phone banking, hosting events and so much more.

As Chairman, I hear the appreciation and my universal response is that we have a great team! So to every volunteer and donor, thank you! The success we enjoy was made possible by your countless contributions of time, talent, and treasure. It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of you and please know we are already preparing for 2022.

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