A version of this post originally appeared on Candy Noble’s personal blog.

18 Days until we elect a new President. Early voting begins on Monday. Mail-in ballots have already been sent and many have already been returned. The time we have anticipated for 8 years is here!

Tuesday night we had a State-wide Republican Leadership call and I wanted to let you know the latest news and opportunities.

Texans are busy across the state and nation wooing voters for our candidates up and down the ballot. Our Texas GOP Chair Tom Mechler and Victory Chair Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush called in from the campaign trail, working in Texas Congressman Will Hurd’s district.

National Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell updated us on all that the RNC is doing to help Donald Trump and Republican candidates across the Nation to win their elections. The RNC and Trump campaign have worked well together and she gave us some amazing statistics: In Pennsylvania alone since the beginning of the year 94,784 Democrats have switched to the Republican Party. Another 46,000+ independent voters have joined the Republican Party. And more than 200,000 brand new Republican Voters have been registered.

In just the 11 swing states more than 7 million doors have been knocked on! If it’s quiet around here, it is because so many of our amazing Texas Volunteers have been helping out in those swing states. In those same swing states 724,480 new Republican voters have been registered.

There is a lot going on here in Texas too. In our own targeted 11 Congressional and Texas House District races 810,000 calls have been made and 65,000 doors knocked—all since the first of July. These are districts where the number of Republican-to-Democrat voters margin is very slim and we want to keep or gain that seat.

According to news reports 78% of all Texans of voting age are now registered to vote. That’s 15 million voters. According to a report by Derek Ryan:
More than a million new voter registrations since the March Primary Election
20,000 more women have registered than men.
One out of Four of the new voters have a Hispanic surname
The average age of new registrants is 36.4, with 43% under the age of 30

This brings me to the part where you can make a difference, because we need to reach out to these new (and long-time) voters with our message:

This Saturday, October 22 is SUPER SATURDAY BLOCK WALK day around the state. Dallas is the closest one to us, so come join the fun. For more information: https://www.texasgop.org/take-action/

Actually, no need to wait till Saturday. You can phone bank from home or along with others at the Phone Banks around the state. If you want to phone bank for Trump: https://talk.donaldjtrump.com

For those that would like to call Texans around the state for our local candidates, then go here: http://bit.ly/MTSFCallsTexas Vice Chairman Amy Clark is organizing this effort.

Dallas County has a lot of opportunities, and they are spread all over the county: http://dallasgop.org/events/ For Dallas County Voting information including the early voting and election day voting sites: http://dallasgop.org/voting-information/

Collin County GOP has targeted several swing precincts and have lists and door-hangers ready to go. If you would like to help in this effort, call or drop by headquarters. Find your Collin County Voter information including the Sample Ballots, Early voting locations, and election day polling locations.

For those in Denton County, you have work to do also. http://dentongop.org/volunteer. Voting information for you may be found: http://www.votedenton.com/upcoming-election-information

The Texas GOP has updated the Ballot Integrity information and I will forward that new Manual to you if you will just email me and ask for it. Also, for those that are working the polls as a Judge, Clerk, or Poll Watcher or Ballot Board member, the Republican Party of Texas is hosting a Webinar on Ballot Integrity this Thursday, Oct. 20, at 8pm(sorry for the short notice!). If you would like to participate, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the sign up link.

Each of the Counties in our area are still in need of poll workers, watchers and greeters for November 8. If you are available, and have the stamina (it is a 14-18 hour day), and want to be a great American by helping out, let your County Party Headquarters know.

Important dates to remember:

Early Voting runs Monday, October 24 through November 4.

The last day to request a ballot by mail is Friday, October 28.

ELECTION DAY Tuesday, November 8

Let’s pray together for our nation. Then let’s get out there and work. Only 18 days to make a difference.

Candy Noble
State Republican Executive Committee Senate District 8