2017 Texas Constitutional Amendments Election

The 85th Session of the Texas Legislature put forward 7 Texas Constitutional amendments for citizens to vote on. We polled the Republican Precinct Chairs to get their recommendations for the survey. We had 50 of the 108 Republican Precinct Chairs respond. Contact us if you would like to get engaged in your community and [...]

Collin County June 10, 2017 Runoff Election Results

Plano Election Results Place 2 Anthony Ricciardelli - 52.96% Ann Bacchus - 47.04% Place 8 Rick Smith - 53.1% David L. Downs - 46.9% Allen Election Results Place 2 Carl Clemencich - 63.98% Tabassum "Munia" Ahmad - 36.02% McKinney Election Results At Large Charlie Phillips - 57.23% Derek V. Baker [...]

Will the real conservatives in the Plano City Council runoff race please stand up?

As the Chairman of the Collin County Republican Party, one of my jobs is to promote unity among the different “flavors” of Republicans. Because city council races are historically “non-partisan,” my neutrality stand has extended particularly to these races. However, as the Collin County Democrats have clearly put forward one of their own, Ann Bacchus, [...]

Hard Work Brings Republicans a Great Victory!

Many readers of this site either stayed up late Tuesday night or woke up Wednesday morning to learn that the Republican Party had won a great victory, and controlled the United State Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency. This would not have been possible without the many persons who contributed time, money, and [...]

18 short days for YOU to make a difference!

A version of this post originally appeared on Candy Noble’s personal blog. 18 Days until we elect a new President. Early voting begins on Monday. Mail-in ballots have already been sent and many have already been returned. The time we have anticipated for 8 years is here! Tuesday night we had a State-wide Republican Leadership call and [...]

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Collin County 2016 Primary Election Results

Nov. 8 Election Results Find them here The results are in, and the turn out was HUGE for the Collin County Republican Primary! It is voters like you that make the difference everyday with your passion, activism, and most importantly, your vote. The CollinGOP is proud of those Republicans who put their [...]

Collin County 2015 Election Results

Thank you for getting out and voting on November 3, 2015! Your voice was heard throughout Collin County and the State of Texas. Below are the results of the 2015 Texas Constitutional Amendments and other results from around Collin County. For a more complete list, click here. Texas Prop 1 - Property [...]

The Delegate Process for picking a President

A version of this post originally appeared on Candy Noble's personal blog. Quick reminder: don’t forget to vote tomorrow (Tuesday, November 3) if you didn’t early vote. There are 7 Texas Constitutional Amendments for all Texas voters, and additional local bond and other issues on some local ballots. Collin County voters may vote at any [...]

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What’s up with our Texas Primary

This post originally appeared on Candy Noble's personal blog. The Presidential Primary will be coming to Texas in just 167 days (God willing and the creek doesn’t rise…more on that later).  The State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) met this past weekend and much of our pressing work concerns the Primary Election and the Conventions that [...]

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