Chairman George Flint’s statement about the announced retirement of Congress Sam Johnson

Today, Sam Johnson, our honored Congressman, announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2018. In his message, which I urge each of you to read, he talked about his faith and his hope in us and our country – strong and good words from a strong and good man. Sam still has much work to do in the House of Representatives as we fight to recover from the Obama years. We need to continue to support him and his fellow conservatives in Congress in this fight. We need to uplift him in our prayers and thoughts.

But there is more that we need to do. Sam, in his message, said something which deserves repeating – “I want to give whomever my future successor may be ample time for his or her family to pray about serving in public office…” I do not know who will decide to run the race through the Republican Primary to victory in November in 2018, but I do know this – they will be steeped in prayer, they will be conservative, they will have a heart for service to you, the people, and they will be a Republican.

Everyone will support their particular candidate and they should. But if, in the process of promoting one over another we tear ourselves and our party down, we are clearing the battlefield to be occupied by someone we do not want, do not need, and will regret. Remember this, and we will put someone in office in 2018 who will serve proudly as our conservative Republican Congressman from the Third District. Forget it, and we will be wondering how the Democrats won.

Thank you, Sam, for your many years of service and for the next two years. May God bless you and the country, state, and county you love.