As the Chairman of the Collin County Republican Party, one of my jobs is to promote unity among the different “flavors” of Republicans. Because city council races are historically “non-partisan,” my neutrality stand has extended particularly to these races. However, as the Collin County Democrats have clearly put forward one of their own, Ann Bacchus, a Democrat precinct chair to run against one of ours, Anthony Ricciardelli, and actively endorsed and promoted her at every turn, it is clear that the Plano City Council race is no longer non-partisan, by their choice, not mine.

It is being reported to me that some of the Democrat’s supporters are introducing Ms. Bacchus as a conservative and that she may have been doing the same thing. I find that incredible, but predictable. But, you see, since I also consider myself a conservative, I find it somewhat offensive that someone who believes in the principles set forth in the Democrat platform would say that they believe in the same things I believe in, which are contained in the Republican platform. This blog post will not permit me to do a side by side comparison of the two positions, but you should.

Equally incredible to me is that a Republican in a separate runoff race, David Downs, has apparently chosen to stand beside the Democrat, Ann Bacchus, and run a parallel campaign to hers. I see their signs side by side as if they are reinforcing each other. I see that both are endorsed by many of the same organizations. Although, given the nature of campaign finance, we will not know all the details until after the election on June 10th, it appears that both are receiving money from similar sources, including the so-called “Keep Plano Winning PAC,” a political action committee heavily funded by real estate persons with a financial stake in more apartments and offices.

Because Mr. Downs has voted in Republican primaries, I cannot and will not endorse between he and Rick Smith, a Republican precinct chair. However, given how the races are shaping up, I do think it is fair to ask the question, “Will the real conservatives please stand up?”