Your Vote is Your Voice!

An Open Letter on Political Action
To the Republican Citizens of Collin County, Texas

This is a simple message, but a hard one.

There is no such thing as a “Silent Majority.” The only majority is the one who votes and wins. The people who vote and win the vote are the majority, by definition. Their ideas are the majority ideas; their philosophy is the majority philosophy.

Do the Republicans want to be the majority party? Then they must vote in their full strength in every election. Otherwise, they are the minority party.

Your actions speak loudly about who you are, what you believe, what you have faith in, what your character is, what desires you have for the future. Those who do not take action on their convictions have no convictions; they may have opinions…but their opinions and two dollars will buy them a cup of coffee, somewhere.

Your Vote is your Voice. Make it heard!

If you are pro-life and do not vote, you are not pro-life. You may think you are pro-life, but you do not act like you are. If you are in favor of the free market and do not vote, you are not in favor of the free market. You may think you are a free-market advocate, but you do not act like you are.

As citizens and Republicans, we are given a golden opportunity every two years to be the thought leaders of America, to affect change in the right direction, to encourage rule of law, to protect our liberties, to foster independence and opportunity, and to act like who we say we are. That golden opportunity is the vote, the opportunity to cast our weight behind the ideas and people who represent those ideas which we believe are critical to a good future for our children and grandchildren.

And how many of us will squander that golden opportunity by not voting, by not encouraging our like-minded friends and family and neighbors and co-workers to vote, by not being at the polls to show our solidarity with our fellow Republicans?

The answer to that question is, unfortunately, more than should be. But you do not need to be counted among the numbers of the minority … You and your friends and your ideas and your love of country and of your fellow man can be the majority … if you vote.

Vote, please. It is not only the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do at this season of our lives.

Can I count on you to make the turnout in Collin County a tsunami of influence? I think so, I hope so, I pray so. But only you can make it come true.

Thank you.

Your CollinGOP Chairman,
George B. Flint