The “grassroots” is you!

If you are reading this, you are the “grassroots”!

Make no mistake about it, the grassroots is strong, influential, and in the Republican Party the grassroots is not like anything else — it determines the direction of the party, what the issues are, and ultimately who represents the party in political elections.

So, if the “grassroots” is so strong and important, how do you become part of it? Some people become part of the grassroots by identifying specific issues which are very important to them, and then join specific groups that advocate that issue (i.e. the NRA, pro-life groups, etc.). Others become part of the grassroots by joining groups like The Tea Party, Republican Clubs or citizen lobbying groups. But make no mistake about it, all of these aforementioned groups only exist because individuals like you (the grassroots) have become involved!

Knowing and understanding that the grassroots is really what politics is all about is paramount to a political party’s success or demise. Thankfully, the local Collin County Republican Party, and I believe the state Republican Party of Texas understand the “grassroots”. (However, I have major doubts whether or not the national Republican Party understands the grassroots.) The late US House Speaker Tip O’Neill coined the phrase that “all politics is local”, that is one of the few things he said that has proven to be correct. The reason why our local County Republican Party has been so successful, is because we have consistently nominated local members of “the grassroots” to be our standard-bearers in general elections. Our nominees have consistently come from individuals who understand and have been involved in local politics – they had been members of the grassroots. By and large, our entire local area Republican Party is made up by the grassroots!

You to can become an important “cog”in the local “grassroots” party apparatus — the easiest way to do that is to attend your neighborhood Precinct Convention (which takes place on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at the large Cottonwood Creek church facility in McKinney Texas)! At your neighborhood Precinct Convention, put your name down to be a delegate to your area Senate District Convention (the SD-8 and SD-30 Conventions take place in Collin County on Saturday, March 24th, 2018), and then nominate yourself to be a delegate to the Texas state Republican Party Convention!

It is not difficult to become a grassroots activist! We hope and want you to become a conservative activist! Call us, come see us, check us out on the website, or do whatever you have to do to become part of the “grassroots. After all, the future of your country depends on it!