Your Republican Collin County Precinct Convention will be held on:

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Cottonwood Creek Church
1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Allen, Texas 75013
Registration begins at 8:30 AM • Convention begins at 9:30 AM

What is a Precinct Convention?

The precinct convention is the first and one of the most crucial steps in the political process. It is your chance, as a voter at the grassroots level, to voice your opinion with the submission of resolutions to be considered in the other Conventions.

The purpose of a Precinct Convention is twofold: the attendees select delegates to the upcoming Senate District Conventions, and they pass resolutions which are forwarded on to the Senate District Conventions.

NOTE: To participate in your Precinct Convention you must be a registered voter of that Precinct and have either voted in the Republican Primary or taken an ‘Oath of Affiliation’ with the Republican Party.

ALL COLLIN COUNTY PRECINCTS: Registration will begin at 8:30 AM and the conventions will start at 9:30AM.

Each precinct will have a different number of delegates and alternates that can be elected. Those are based on the population of your precinct. Contact CollinGOP headquarters if you are unsure of your delegate strength.

What is the Precinct Convention Process?

  1. Call to order at the appointed hour by the Precinct Chair or other participant if the Precinct Chair is not present.
  2. Preparation of a list of and announcement of number of qualified participants present.
  3. Announcement of agenda and basic rules of procedure.
  4. Election of the permanent officers of the convention by majority vote.
  5. Announcement of County or District Convention and of temporary committee meetings, if known.
  6. Election of delegates and alternates to County or Senatorial District Convention, as the case may be, by majority vote, and certification of eligibility of each delegate and alternate by the Precinct Convention Secretary, where the primary voters list is available.
  7. Resolutions (have 3 copies)
  8. Other business.
  9. Adjourn

A more detailed description of the Precinct Convention process is written below.

What is Precinct Convention Resolution?

A Resolution is a statement of something you want to be recognized or achieved. They traditionally begin with a WHEREAS statement(s) that provides information followed, but these are not necessary, by a RESOLVED which is the focus of your resolution. An example is provided below to demonstrate just how easy it is. Anyone can write one and submit it for consideration at your Precinct Convention. If approved, it will then go to the Resolutions Committee for your SD Convention.

How to format a Resolution:

(optional) WHEREAS Collin County has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity over the past two decades.

WHEREAS Collin County is named after Collin McKinney, one of the best Texas founding fathers.

RESOLVED that the Collin County is the best county in Texas thanks to strong and principled Republican leadership and its history.

(optional) PASSED on this day (date) at the (location).

You only need to submit 1 physical copy of your resolution at your Precinct Convention. These can be submitted in any form, but to ensure the Resolutions Committee for your SD convention can evaluate your resolution, it is best to have them typed in a legible font.

Something to consider when crafting a resolution:

You’ll be reading these aloud during your Precinct Convention proceedings. If you include WHEREAS statements in your submission, be clearconvincing, and concise in your statements. Only the RESOLVED is considered for inclusion in the platform. You might craft your submitted resolution to be only the RESOLVED statement, and passing around WHEREAS statements as a separate document for discussions purposes. You will have the opportunity to discuss your specific resolution with the Resolutions Committee during their public hearing times.

The Precinct Convention in more detail

The incumbent Precinct Chair, or if absent a Republican voter in the precinct, calls the Precinct Convention to order as the Temporary Convention Chair. After appointing a Temporary Secretary, the list of attendees is compared to the list of voters in the Republican Primary to verify eligibility to participate in the Precinct Convention. Once this has been done, the Temporary Chair announces the number of participants present.

The first order of business is to elect the Permanent Officers of the Precinct Convention. Nominations are made by the participants and elections, if needed, are held. The Convention elects a Permanent Chair and a Permanent Secretary, and once elected the Chair may appoint other officers if needed.

At this point the Chair announces the number of delegates and alternates to the Senate District Convention (SD8 or SD30 depending on location), to be held in the coming weeks. Usually this number will exceed the number of participants who are present. Citizens who voted in the Primary but are not present for the Precinct Convention can still be elected delegates provided they informed anyone present of their wish to attend the District Convention. Nominations are made from the floor and the delegates and alternates are elected by the Convention. Delegates and alternates can be elected individually, or a slate of delegates and/or alternates can be elected on one vote.

Following the election of delegates and alternates, the Convention now considers resolutions. Resolutions may cover any topic; for example, supporting or not supporting a candidate, an issue, asking for passage or repeal of a law, etc. Each resolution is voted on separately by the Convention…those that pass are forwarded on to the District Convention for consideration at the next level. See above for details on how to craft a resolution, and to download our template.

This is the first step in building the National Republican Party Platform. A resolution passed at a Precinct Convention in Collin County years ago made it through the District, State and National Conventions that year to become part of the Republican Party Platform.

The Chair collects all of the Convention paperwork (list of attendees, elected delegates and alternates, resolutions that passed, resolutions that failed and all other forms) and turns them in to the County Party, who uses this information to plan for the District Conventions.

After the business of the precinct conventions has been conducted, those chosen as delegates will represent their precincts at the Senatorial District conventions to be held the 3rd Saturday after the Primary election.